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Best Sports Shoes under 1000

Have you ever had a beautiful pair of sleek elegant shoes that are an absolute treat to wear, but whenever you do, you end with the worst blisters possible? That is exactly what happens to me every single time I get new cute shoes.

If you have sensitive feet like me, running seems a very difficult task when your old comfortable shoes wear out, and you buy new ones. Imagine wearing sneakers for your morning jog, how uncomfortable would that be? Especially here in the uneven streets of India.

To help eliminate your fear of new shoes, here is a list of the most comfortable and affordable shoes I could find. This will help you find the best sports shoes under 1000 rupees.

Men’s Shoes

  1. Bourge men’s Loire-63 running shoes

If you’re looking for shoes that look great and are comfortable to wear with a sturdy grip, this is your pick. The Bourge men’s Loire-63 running shoes are even better than the Bourge vega 5 running shoes, let’s see why.

Trendy design

The grey and black body with the white sole is the perfect combination to look good on all kinds of running attires. The upper is made of mesh that allows your feet to breathe while running and prevents infections caused by sweating.

Sturdy sole

According to me, the most essential part of a running shoe is its sole. It is the sole that keeps your feet from sinking or experiencing shock during running. The sole of the Bourge men’s Loire-63 is made from ethylene vinyl acetate. It is a kind of plastic that prevents the sole from cracking under pressure and also helps the shoes stay cool from the inside while running.


  • High durability
  • Very comfortable


  • Not great for wet use
  1. Asian men’s superfit shoes

The next on my list is my favorite brand. Asian shoes are always trendy and comfortable, whether for men or women. The Asian men’s superfit shoes are a great choice due to their sleek design and maximum comfort.

Upper features

The upper is made of air mesh that that is super breathable and easily washable. The breathability prevents your feet from sweating while the washable design maximizes your convenience as they do not require much care. Above the upper is the strap that has a velcro design for ease.

Sole features

The sole is made from height increasing non-marking EVA sole. It is constructed from a lightweight compound and an orthopedic soft cushion insole which provides extra comfort. The level of comfort these shoes provide makes them the best-cushioned running shoes.


  • Elegant design
  • Affordable price
  • Orthopedic sole


  • Short life span
  1. Lotto men’s Downey running shoes

The last men’s shoes on my list today are the Lotto men’s Downey running shoes. These shoes have a different look than the last two ones on my list. The lace-up shoe is perfect for jogs on the bumpy streets of India.

Smart design

The shoes have a very smart design that is fit for all kinds of exercise regimes. The grey exterior of the shoes is the perfect color to go with any workout attire. The sole is white while the lace and details are black. The shoe is a lace-up design that keeps your feet fixed and stable.

Durable construction

The upper of the shoe has a fusing technology where the synthetic leather overlays on the breathable mesh for absolute comfort. This also helps provide durability as well as a stylish look. The inside also has a cushioning effect where your feet can lay comfortably while running. These features make them the best running shoes for men.


  • Cheap price
  • Lightweight


  • Bit smaller than the regular size

Women’s Shoes

  1. Denill women’s sports shoes

Let’s focus on the ladies now. The first on my list for women is the Denill women’s sports shoes. These shoes are so elegant and sleek that they can be worn as casual wear too instead of just sportswear.

Color range

The shoes managed to capture my heart as soon as I saw them. The reason why they did so was the range of colors available. These shoes are available in 4 different colors. The colors range from grey to sky blue. Peach and pink are my absolute favorite ones.

Long-term wear

The shoes are designed to last you all day if you are on your feet. The durability of these shoes guarantees them to last you for years to come. The shoes have been designed to keep you active all day long as the design is lightweight and does not add any extra weight to your feet.


  • Prevents heel strain
  • Trendy design


  • Size tends to be a bit larger
  1. Asian women’s modern shoes

The last on my list today is the Asian women’s modern shoes. These shoes are the perfect choice for women in India as they have the most comfortable sole meant for running on even the roughest terrain.

Air cushion technology

The air cushion technology keeps your ankle safe from injuries by providing comfort around the collar. It also helps create a bounce on the sole that makes it easier to spring your feet while running.


These lightweight shoes make running such an easy experience for all. Since they do not weigh much, they do not add any weight to your feet which makes you faster while running. For jogging, they are good and for running, they are the absolute best.


  • Breathable fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable


  • Uneven sizing


So, here was my list of the top affordable shoes. I added shoes for both men and women that will help make running an easier experience for you. I hope this article helps you find the best sports shoes under 1000 rupees.

In my opinion, both Asian shoes are the best choice for both genders. If you think so as well, do let me know in the comments below.

This article will help you select best sports shoes under INR 1000 for men and women in India 2021.

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