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Best Running Shoes under 3000

Today’s article is for those Indian populations who are much concerned about their fitness routine. Once you jump in and decide to give your hundred percent commitment towards fitness, nobody can stop you then!

The requirements for fulfilling this task are many. One of them is the best running shoes under 3000. Now, why have I made an emphasis on 3000? That is because three thousand is enough amounts in which you can cater to the best running shoes for yourself. Let’s have a look at a few shortlisted products.

Men’s Shoes

  1. Skechers Men’s Running Shoes

If you are in search of one of the best running shoes for men under 3000, Skechers’ is there for your rescue! This brand is well known in India for its high-quality shoes.

Single layered material

These shoes are made with only one layered material. This is done to ensure that the material does not become too thick for the person to wear. Also, the meshed framework makes it more of a porous material through which ventilation becomes possible.

Laces for your support

To tighten the shoes around your feet to a level that you feel comfortable with the tightness, laces are provided. There will no slipping or toppling through the surfaces.

Soft sole

Skechers Men’s running shoes are unique in the sense of memory foam which they consist of. Whenever you wear these shoes, it adapts to the shape of your sole!


  • Memory foam
  • Single layered meshwork
  • Breathable design


  • Material near the toe is very thin

  1. Nike Men’s Downshifter 9 Running Shoes

The next shortlisted running shoe especially for Indian men that I have to discuss today is Nike Men’s running shoes. The eye-catchy design will not let you leave until you are convinced for buying it.

The outer design of shoes

You will find the external of these shoes quite attractive. There is two-colored netted work made on it. Besides, this design is then complemented with the well-known logo of Nike!

Shoe size

All Indian population with a medium-sized foot or a regular-sized foot is welcomed to buy this pair of shoes. You will find it snuggly fitting your feet making you feel as relaxed as it could.

Cushioning effect

The sole which is present in Nike Men’s Downshifter running shoes are highly comfortable and soft. While walking, jogging, or running, you will not experience any pain or discomfort. Its sole is made of rubber.


  • Light-weighted
  • Cushioning effect
  • two colored meshwork


  • Sizes differ than shown in pictures

  1. Nike Men’s Revolution 5 Running Shoes


Being a sports lover I am sure you would love these Nike running shoes which I am going to discuss now. These are the Nike Men’s revolution!

Meshed material

The outer surface of Nike Men’s Revolution 5 running shoes is made with high-end fabric that can last longer than your expectations. The design made helps to keep your toes in the best position condition.

Multiple colors

One more attractive feature of these shoes is the various vibrant colors it comes in. You can choose from a wide variety. Along with excellent fitness, it will also help you with a pronounced impression on others!

Easy to clean

Cleaning these sneakers is a hassle-free task that anyone can do within minutes. You can just dust it with a dry cloth whenever needed. It can also be wiped with a damp cloth if required.


  • Rubber sole
  • Suits all medium-sized feet
  • Laces for support


  • Dirt gets trapped on the mesh

Women’s Shoes

  1. Nike Women’s W Flex Experience

Amongst the running shoes for women you will find the Nike Women’s W Flex, suiting best on you. It has an amazing feminine look with loud sporty features.

Topside material

Like all other shoes of Nike, these are also made with precise detailing. You can appreciate the tightly netted meshwork on the top surface of these shoes.

All reinforcing the face of breathability of the toes of the sportsman! Only a runner can understand how uncomfortable it feels if there is no room for air to pass from the shoes.

Tie up and get ready!

Tying chords are given on the upper surface of the shoes. You can utilize them when the sport is going to start and can relieve them when it is done.

Fits the majority

The universal fitting of these shoes is for medium-sized feet. People having the same can seek help from these sizes.


  • Rounded around the toes
  • Warranty of 30 days
  • Multiple colors


  • Plastic sole

  1. Adidas Women’s Runfalcon Running Shoes

The final product of today’s article is the Adidas Women’s running shoes. This pair of sneakers has proved to be the best Adidas shoes under 3000that you can ever get!

Made with excellent quality textile

The material used in the making of Adidas Women’s running shoes is the textile material. Textiles are famous for their amazing qualities. The color fades of textiles are extremely slow as they are UV resistant!

Strap tightening

You have the straps or laces for easy fastening of your shoes against your feet. Make yourselves as comfortable as you can by keeping the laces to the accurate fitting.

Good for the toes

The design of Adidas Women’s Runfalcon is rounded around the place of your toes. You can freely move your fingers in that space with no major restrictions, allowing them to breathe while running.


  • Best for regular use
  • Suits all medium sizes
  • 3 months for return


  • Sole feels hard


My experience with fitness accessories has been very vast. After thorough research, I’ve been able to guide you with the best running shoes under 3000! Though everyone has their own choice, I’d like to tell you mine. I was super amazed by the quality and features of Adidas Women’s Runfalcon Running Shoes!

I’ll be awaiting your response in the feedback section regarding the likeness of this article.

(Price: Pricing also depends on the size, color or variant and when I wrote this post the price of mentioned shoes was less than 3000 INR.)

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