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Best Casual Shoes under 1000

Shoes are an accessory that makes or breaks the entire look of a person, indeed. That is why all of us search for quality footwear with a reasonable tagged price.

Amongst different footwear categories, the most used and bought are casual shoes. These casual shoes are available in varying price range as low as 200 bucks and as high as there’s no limit.

As the budget is a considerable aspect for many, I’ve compiled a list of best casual shoes under 1000 for both men and women.

Men’s Shoes

  1. Sparx Men’s Sd0323g Sneakers

The first men’s casual shoes are from Sparx, a brand that runs under one of the biggest footwear companies of India, Relaxo. You can pair these monochrome sneakers with almost anything that you’d like.

Rubber Sole

Not only they look elegant and comfortable but are easy to use too. The outer material of these shoes is high-quality PVC leather and PVC Injection as the sole material.

These synthetic materials cost less and last more. The comfy sole ensures ache-free feet all-day. They have a wider width for different foot sizes to fit in it.

Appealing Design

Sparx has the most stylish shoes, including the best white sneakers men. Their designs are especially for the new generation and according to the trends.

These sneakers are available in two monochrome option; black on white and white on black.


  • Elegant packaging
  • Perfect gifting option
  • Medium width


  • Not washable
  • No warranty


  1. Liberty Gliders (from Men’s Golf Black Loafers and Moccasins


Next up are these slip-on shoes by Liberty Store that are from the category of loafers for men. These are quite affordable and comfortable too.

Minimal Design

The layout of these shoes is minimal yet classic, suitable for day-to-day usage. These lace-free loafers are also known as slip-on shoes as they are facile to wear and take off.

For differing preferences, they’re up for grabs in 3 neutral colours: black, white and grey. These hues are pairable with almost every outfit from your wardrobe and provide a sense of maturity.

Durable Material

These shoes are of high-quality material and durable outsole, ensuring comfortability. The plushy sole prevents feet ache and any other pains.

The comfortable look doesn’t deteriorate the trendy look as their designs are in relevance to the trends of this era.


  • Durable sole material
  • Light on pocket
  • 30-day warranty


  • Not suitable for wider feet


  1. Sparx Men’s Canvas Sneakers

Here’s another pair of shoes by Sparx. These sneakers are perfect for attending informal to semi-formal gatherings in the daytime as well as at night.

Basic Layout

The design and appearance are simple and basic. These casual shoes use canvas fabric as their outer layer with a closed toe style. For well-secured and trouble-free walking all day, it’s advisable to tie the laces properly.

Besides, these casual shoes for men are up for purchase in 5 decent colours; black, blue, navy blue, grey and olive green.

Handling & Care

Shoes require proper handling and care for them to last longer. These shoes just like other sneakers, need to de-odorized at a regular basis. For this cause, shoe bags come in use to prevent any stains or mildew.

However, if there’s no proper care, their condition main deteriorates by the time.

Moreover, if you’re able to remove the lining and sole, do wash it separately as it’ll make your shoe cleaner and fresher.


  • Secured lacing
  • Trendy colours
  • Removable sock liner and insole.


  • No warranty for the product

Women’s Shoes

  1. Gliders (From Liberty) Mac Women’s Sneakers

First up on best casual shoes for women are these sneakers from the Liberty Store named as the Gliders. Just like its name, our feet glide smoothly in these comfy shoes.

Comfortable material

These casual shoes use PVC synthetic material, also known as artificial leather. This material provides near the leather quality and has similar characteristics.

This fabric is breathable and has limited elasticity to fit according to your feet. It’s easy to clean and to be taken care of as it has three dark colours to buy from, including blue, navy and black.

Affordable Pricing

Casual shoes must offer reasonable pricing as they come in use every day. These shoes are a perfect example of affordable pricing with average quality.

Not just casually, they are appropriate for use at the gym, or a walk to the park, etc.

Besides, these user-friendly shoes clean effortlessly using a damp cloth.


  • Comfortable sole
  • Reasonable price
  • Suits different terrains


  • Not waterproof


  1. BATA Women’s Casual Soft Sneakers

Second, for women and last on the list overall, are these casual sneakers by one of the best in the footwear business, Bata. This brand is a name of quality and trust for many years. They have a variety of casual shoes within a cheap to expensive price range.

Breathable Material

The casual and funky layout of this product includes breathable and washable material which is easy to use. The dark-hued fabric is appropriate for daily use.

It’s suitable for students as well as working women whose biggest priority is comfort and painless feet all day. The breathable material absorbs moisture and prevents your feet from slipping.

Economical Cost

Bata is known for having footwear that suits almost every budget specifications. These pair of shoes are available for 300-450 depending on your shoe size.

Even though they’re cheaper than many other brands, they make sure not to compromise on the quality of their product.


  • Soft and comfy fabric
  • 90 days warranty


  • Couldn’t find any


That was it regarding the best casual shoes under 1000. Keeping in mind the above options, Bata and Sparx stood out amongst the rest.

Whereas, if you’re still confused, do look for the customer reviews of each product. Believe me or not, but they help you find the perfect pair of shoe.

On that note, I’ll end it here.

Till then, adios!

Price: Pricing also depends on the size, color or variant and when I wrote this post the price of mentioned shoes was less than 1000 INR.

You can check the latest price by below amazon links.

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